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The complete world of TENTE wheels and castors.

With our castors, wheels and mobility solutions we aim to provide you with the best product and service for your requirements.

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The complete world of

TENTE wheels and castors

The Wheel

There are many factors that should be considered when selecting the right wheel for your requirements. Thread material, wheel diameter, wheel bearing and wheel centre are just some of those important features.

The wheel tread material is quite an important aspect depending on your environment. The rule of thumb for wheels typically is, if the floor surface is hard, the tread required should be soft. Likewise, if the floor surface is soft, the wheel material should be hard. This allows you to achieve the best mobility out of your wheel. Besides the tread, the wheel bearing is also an important factor as it determines how smooth a castor will travel and thus, is an important factor when selecting your wheel. There are 4 bearing types including plain bearing, roller bearing, cone ball bearing and precision ball bearing.

The wheel centre also comes in a variety of different materials and is an important factor to consider when discussing the weight load. For heavy duty applications we have a cast iron and aluminium wheel centres, whereas for smaller furniture and institution castors we have material such as Polyamide and Polypropylene.

If you require more support choosing your wheel please check our frequently asked questions page or contact us for more information.

The Housing

There are many different factors that must be considered when choosing a housing. The type of castor and fitting option that is required, the material it is made up of, and the type of swivel bearing that is needed are just some aspects that can help you to determine this.

For a push-in fitting, you can get a swivel castor, swivel castor with wheel brake or an intermittent brake that locks when weight is either placed on or taken off the castor. Whereas for a bolt hole, you can get a swivel castor or a swivel castor with total lock. Similar to that of a bolt hole plate fitting you can also get those versions as well as a fixed version. The list doesn’t end here though, there are some additional versions including those with directional lock, central lock as well as other custom-made versions as well!

The type of castor isn’t the only factor that should be considered in choosing your housing though. There are many different materials that a housing can come in as well. From polyamide and polypropylene to steel, aluminium and cast iron, as well as stainless steel for those that require easy cleaning, there are many different material options to suit your application and environment. Depending on the conditions the castor(s) will be subjected to and the weight load that is required will help to determine the housing type that is most suitable for your needs.

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