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The Best Office Chair Castors

26 Apr 2024

Choosing the right castors for your office chair can dramatically improve your comfort and mobility while working. There’s a lot of variety out there though, so finding the best one for your needs can be difficult. So, in this guide, we’ll help you understand the different types of castors available and go over some of the most popular models currently on the market.

Types of Office Chair Castors

There are a few different types of office chair castors for you to choose from, each with its own unique functionality. These include:

Swivel Castors

Swivel castors are the most common type found on office chairs. These allow the chair to rotate 360 degrees, providing excellent manoeuvrability. This flexibility helps with moving around a workspace without having to get up, making it easier to reach different parts of your desk or move between workstations.

Lockable Castors

Lockable castors are similar to swivel castors but with an added feature: a locking mechanism. This can be activated to prevent the wheels from rolling, which is particularly useful for achieving stability during tasks that require precision, like drawing or writing.

Heavy-duty Castors

Heavy-duty castors are designed for larger weight capacities and durability. These are ideal for chairs that carry heavy loads. They often feature reinforced materials and larger wheel sizes to ensure they can handle the additional weight without compromising performance.

Key Office Chair Castor Wheel Considerations

When it comes to choosing the best office chair castor for your needs, you’ll want to consider a few different things. Most of these considerations will depend on how you intend to use the office chair and the environment you’re using it. So, make sure that you think about:

Load Capacity and Weight Rating

One of the first considerations when choosing castors is their load capacity and weight rating. The castors you choose must be able to support the weight of the user as well as any additional weight from items like laptops, books, or tools that might be used on the chair.

Wheel Diameter and Width

The diameter and width of the wheels affect both the mobility and stability of the chair. Larger wheels can navigate over carpets and thresholds more easily, while wider wheels offer better stability and weight distribution.

Wheel Material

The material of the wheel impacts both the durability of the castor and its suitability for different floor types. Common materials include nylon, which is durable and works well on carpet, and polyurethane, which is quieter and less likely to damage hardwood floors.

Mounting Options and Compatibility

The mounting of castors is another key consideration – you don’t want to get this part wrong. Make sure that you choose castors that are compatible with the chair’s base. Most castors are mounted using a standard stem system, but always check the size and fitting type to ensure a proper fit.

Brake and Locking Mechanisms

Brakes and locking mechanisms are a great way to increase safety and usability. These features allow the user to lock the wheels to prevent unwanted movement, which can be particularly important for achieving stability in work environments.

Most Popular Office Chair Castor Wheels

There are hundreds of different office chair castor wheels on the market, which can make finding the right one tough. To help you find the best options, we’ve showcased some of the most popular office chair castor wheels below for you to browse:

Swivel Castor 35 mm Stylea Duratech 4031582356731

The 35 mm Stylea Duratech castor is known for its elegant design and versatility, making it suitable for use on both carpeted and hard floors. Its swivel capability enhances manoeuvrability, allowing for smooth motion in all directions.

Swivel Castor with Wheel Brake 35 mm Stylea Duratech 4031582356779

The Stylea Duratech swivel castor with wheel brake includes all the features of the standard swivel castor but with an added wheel brake. This feature is ideal for those who require extra stability when performing tasks that need precision. It is especially useful in environments where the floor may not be entirely level.

Swivel Castor 50 mm Lumina Basetech 4031582317305

The 50 mm Lumina Basetech offers a larger wheel size, which is perfect for navigating over rougher surfaces without compromising the chair’s stability. Its durable design ensures long-lasting performance, even under increased loads.

Office Chair Castor Fittings

B10-11×20 / 8

The B10-11×20 / 8 fitting is a standard size for many office chairs, ensuring a secure fit between the chair base and the castor. Proper installation of these fittings is key to maximising the effectiveness and longevity of the castors.