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What’s the Minimum Number of Castors You Should Have on Your Workstation Chair?

27 Apr 2024

Advancements in ergonomics and design have transformed how we interact with workstations, improving our productivity and health in the process. There are many aspects of workstation chair designs that have benefited from these innovations, including the humble castor wheel. Getting the most out of your castors takes more than buying the latest innovative designs, though. […]

What are Castors?: The Difference Between Castors & Wheels

27 Apr 2024

In many everyday objects, the mobility provided by castors is often overlooked, yet they play a significant role in functionality and ease of use. From the swivel chair in your office to the trolley in hospitals, castors make movement easier and more efficient across the board. Despite their ubiquitous presence, not everyone understands the distinction […]

The Best Office Chair Castors

26 Apr 2024

Choosing the right castors for your office chair can dramatically improve your comfort and mobility while working. There’s a lot of variety out there though, so finding the best one for your needs can be difficult. So, in this guide, we’ll help you understand the different types of castors available and go over some of […]

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