A Guide To Replacing Office Chair Wheels

07 Mar 2022

Are your office chair’s plastic wheels wearing down the flooring on your hardwood floor? Perhaps the castors are breaking down? Almost every rolling office chair has detachable wheels that are easily replaceable. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to change office chair castors:

Step 1: Remove Office Chair Castor Wheels

Removing the wheels from your office chair is straightforward and simple. In most situations, no tools are required. This step involves removing one castor wheel to determine the size and type. The majority (around 95%) of office chairs have a “grip ring stem” on their wheels. This kind of stem is made out of metal with a split ring in the shape of a “C” near the top that can compress and expand, locking the stem into the chair base socket. As a result, simply pulling this sort of castor out usually does the job.

Step 2: Choosing and Buying Replacement Castors

Step 2a

Write down the size of the castor’s stem and what kind of stem it is. To measure the castor’s stem, use a ruler. Also, you will need to note whether or not it is a grip stem or a threaded stem. A threaded castor has a screw that screws into a hole in the chair, whereas a grip stem pulls out like a plug from a socket.

Step 2b

Use a ruler to measure the wheel from front to back. The majority of castors have 50mm-65mm wheels. Consider purchasing a larger wheel if you’ve had trouble rolling the chair over elevated surfaces.

Step 2c

Decide if you want a single or twin wheel castor. A twin-wheel castor spreads the weight more evenly, but it is less dependable since it has fewer components. In the office, twin-wheel castors are more popular, while in industrial settings, single-wheel castors are better suited.

Step 2d

Buy your castors from a reliable online castor wheel retailer, like ourselves here at Tente, who supply a wide range of castors to cater to any needs.

Step 3: Install Your New Castor Wheels

If your castor wheels are threaded, place the stem into the leg of the chair, and screw it in by hand until it no longer turns.

For a grip castor (with a non-threaded stem), insert the castor’s stem into the chair leg until the top of the castor is level with the bottom of the chair leg. If inserting the castor is difficult, apply some lubricant to the inner side of the leg or use a rubber mallet to drive it in.

Main Types of Office Chair Castor Wheels

There are two main types of castor wheels used for office chairs: hard and soft.

If the entire wheels are composed of nylon, they are hard castors. Because the hardness of nylon castors is greater than that of hardwood floors, if you use nylon castors, hardwood floors will be scratched.

If the wheels are constructed of nylon for the wheel body and polyurethane (PU) for the outer layer of the wheel, it is safe for hardwood floors. Because PU is softer than a hardwood floor, it will not scratch it.

Now that you know how to replace your office chair castor wheels, and which type to buy, head on over to our office chair castors page to pick out the perfect wheel for you!