How to Remove Office Chair Wheels & How to Install New Wheels

07 Mar 2022

Office chairs get a lot of use, so it’s likely that over time they’ll experience wear and tear. Learning how to remove office chair wheels can breathe new life into your office furniture and ensure functionality. So whether your castors are breaking down or your wheels are damaged, our latest article will show you how to replace office chair wheels quickly and easily.

Step 1: How to Remove Office Chair Wheels

Before you begin replacing your office chair wheels, the first thing you’ll want to do is remove the old wheels or castors. Removing the wheels from your office chair is a straightforward process, and in most situations won’t require any tools.

Your first step involves removing one castor wheel to determine the size and type. The majority (around 95%) of office chairs have a “grip ring stem” on their wheels. This kind of stem is made out of metal with a split ring in the shape of a “C” near the top that can compress and expand, locking the stem into the chair base socket. As a result, simply pulling this sort of castor out usually does the job.

Step 2: Choosing and Buying Replacement Castors

After removing the old castors, you’ll want to move onto finding the right replacements. Follow the steps below to help you choose and buy the right replacement castors:

Step 2a

Once you’ve removed and inspected the old castors, write down the size of the stem and what type it is. You can use a ruler to measure the castors stem. You’ll also want to take a note of whether the stem is a grip stem or threaded. A threaded castor will have a screw that fits into a hole in the chair, whereas a grip stem will pull out like a plug from a socket.

Step 2b

Using your ruler, measure the wheel from the front to the back. Most castors will have wheels that measure between 50mm and 65 mm. If you find that your chair struggles to roll over elevated surfaces, then consider purchasing a bigger wheel than before.

Step 2c

Your next decision will be whether you want a single or twin wheel castor. Opting for a twin-wheel castor allows for more even weight distribution but is less dependable as it has fewer components. For office use, twin-castors are the go-to option, but for industrial settings a single-wheel castor may be more appropriate.

Step 2d

With your decision made on the type of castor you’ll need, it’s time to purchase your new ones. You can browse our full range of castor wheels for office chairs in our online shop here at Core Castors – we have a great variety of different castors, including locking and swivel castors, perfect for chair mobility.

Step 3: How to Install Office Chair Wheels

Once you’ve got your new office chair wheels, it’s time to install them. If you have threaded castors, then place the stem into the leg of the chair and screw it in using your hand until it stops turning.

If you have a grip castor with a non-threaded stem, then insert the castor stem into the chair leg until the top of the castor is level with the bottom of the chair leg. If inserting the castor is difficult, then apply a little lubricant to the inner side of the leg or consider using a rubber mallet to drive it in place.

Popular Office Chair Castor Wheels

If you’re unsure about which type of office chair castor wheel is right for you, then take a look at some of our most popular options below:

Stylea Duratec Swivel Castor 35 mm

This castor is a great option thanks to its simple installation. This range is made with polyamide and features several installation options including plate fitting, threaded stems and stems with circlips.

Stylea Duratech Swivel Castor with Wheel Brake 35 mm

This is very similar to the castor mentioned above, with the added benefit of including a wheel brake to secure the chair in place. It’s an ultra-durable castor that works across a range of environments including office and industrial settings.

Linea Maxtech 65 mm Swivel Castor

The Linea Maxtech is a 65 mm swivel castor that features a wheel brake and twin-wheel design. If you’re looking for something a little more refined and long-lasting, then this castor is a great option.

Linea Maxtech 65 mm Swivel Castor with Wheel Brake

This is another related castor to the one above, but with a wheel brake for additional functionality. If you’re looking to keep your chair secure in place, then this is an excellent castor option.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about how to remove your office chair wheels and replace them with fresh ones!