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Our Top List of the Best Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

03 Jun 2024

Whether you’re fitting out a factory, revamping a kitchen, or gearing up your garage workshop, choosing the right heavy duty castor wheels is essential for mobility and stability. Industrial and commercial needs in particular are diverse, and selecting suitable castor wheels can dramatically affect the efficiency and safety of workplace operations. So, in this article, we’ll look at the different types of heavy duty castor wheels, outline some key considerations for selection, and provide a roundup of the most popular models on the market today.

Types of Heavy Duty Castors

Heavy duty castor wheels are found across a wide range of environments and applications, which has brought about a few different types. There are three main categories for these castors, all with their own unique features and benefits. These include:

Fixed Castors

Fixed castors are designed to move in a straight line. They’re ideal for transporting heavy loads over long distances within warehouses or production lines where directional stability is a priority. The absence of a steering mechanism makes them less versatile than swivel castors but provides better control and durability under substantial weight.

Swivel Castors

Swivel castor allow for full 360-degree manoeuvrability, making them perfect for applications requiring good turning and pivoting capabilities. These are commonly used in areas where space is limited, such as in hospital wards, shop floors, and office environments. Their versatility makes them a popular choice in almost any scenario where direction change is necessary.

Lockable Castors

Lockable castors combine the features of fixed and swivel castors with an added locking mechanism. This feature is essential for applications where the castor needs to be stationary for operations like loading and unloading goods or in a static setting. Lockable castors provide stability and safety, ensuring that the equipment stays in place when required.

Heavy Duty Castor Wheel Considerations

When it comes to deciding which heavy duty castor is right for you, it helps to consider the environment it will be used in and the type of strain that the castors will undergo. To help you make the right choice, consider the following areas:

Load Capacity and Weight Rating

One of the first factors to consider when selecting a heavy duty castor is its load capacity and weight rating. You must choose castors that can support the weight of the load without failing. Overloading castors can lead to wheel deformation, failure, and can pose significant safety risks.

Wheel Diameter and Width

The diameter and width of the wheel affect how easily the castors can move under load. Larger diameters generally roll more easily over obstacles and rough surfaces, reducing the effort needed to move heavy loads. Wider wheels distribute weight more evenly, which can be beneficial on soft or uneven floors.

Wheel Material

The material of the wheel impacts both the durability and suitability of the castor for different environments. Common materials include nylon, polyurethane and rubber. Nylon wheels are hard-wearing and great for smooth, hard surfaces, while polyurethane wheels offer a balance between hardness and cushioning, making them versatile for various floors. Rubber wheels are ideal for absorbing shock and reducing noise on uneven surfaces.

Mounting Options and Compatibility

The way castors are mounted to the equipment is another key consideration. Common mounting options include plate, stem, and bolt-hole fittings, each offering different benefits depending on the application. Compatibility with existing equipment is essential to ensure that new castors can be fitted easily and securely.

Most Popular Heavy Duty Castors

Now that we’ve helped you whittle down your options so that you know which type of heavy duty castor to choose, let’s discuss some popular models for you to consider. Below are some of the best heavy duty castor wheels at the moment:

Swivel Castor 35 mm Agila Novatech 4031582436754 2470ETP035S50-M10X20

The Agila Novatech 4031582436754 2470ETP035S50-M10X20 is a compact swivel castor that’s popular in medical and office environments where small, light to medium loads are transported. It offers excellent manoeuvrability and ease of handling.

Swivel Castor with Total Lock 200 mm Zeta Novatech 4031582050585 4687ITP200P63

The Zeta Novatech 4031582050585 4687ITP200P63 is ideal for heavier loads as this 200 mm castor provides robust support and easy manoeuvrability. It also features a total lock feature for complete immobilisation, making it a favourite in workshops and industrial settings.

Swivel Castor 200mm Alpha Novatech 4031582374162 3470IEP200P63

Known for its durability and heavy-duty design, the Alpha Novatech 4031582374162 3470IEP200P63 200mm swivel castor is well-suited for demanding environments like manufacturing and heavy equipment handling. Featuring a sleek design and highly resilient wheels, this is a fantastic option for heavy-duty loads.

Swivel Braked Castor 160mm Zeta Duratech 4031582308181 4687TOP160P63

With a built-in brake, the Zeta Duratech 4031582308181 4687TOP160P63 160mm castor offers controlled mobility, essential for applications requiring precise positioning and stability. It’s made with polyamide and thermosetting plastic, making it robust and perfect for heavy duty use.

Swivel Castor 200 mm Kappa Novatech 403158231503

Another 200mm model, the Kappa Novatech 4031582315035 castor excels in environments where large loads are transported over relatively smooth surfaces. Its large wheel diameter and robust design facilitate easy movement and long-term durability.