Heat Resistant Wheels

16 Apr 2018

Castors are as important to a trolley as ingredients are to the quality of baked goods. Stability, smooth running, ease of cleaning and durability are essential factors.

Are you looking for reliable allies who are tough enough to withstand the extreme temperatures inside baking ovens yet sufficiently sensitive to ensure safe transportation of your baked goods? Then TENTE castors are the perfect choice for you.

Get your baked goods on the move with our products. They are reliable, robust and durable.

The use of different types of wheels ensures that our castors run smoothly under a variety of diverse conditions.

Simply tell us what you require and we will be delighted to help you find the ideal castor for the job.


For example, if you have strict hygiene requirements which need specific regulations to be consider, TENTE Stainless Steel castors are the right choice for you.

Thanks to outstanding technology and perfect craftsmanship, our Stainless Steel castors are immune to extreme operating conditions. Specifically, our Stainless Steel 8470 Series with double ball bearing swivel head and wheel axle with nut would be a great choice for those in the food industry. This Series is available in swivel (8470), swivel with total lock (8478) and fixed (8478).

They are perfect for the food industry because they show no long term damage, even when exposed to water, grease, cleaning agents as well as fluctuating temperatures, from extreme heat in the ovens all the way down to minus degrees in the coolers.

Not only are our Stainless Steel castors great for the food industry, but they can also be specially equipped for use in particular fields of application, e.g. for use in bakeries, with heat-resistant wheels which can withstand temperatures of +280°C.

Our heat resistant wheels include the BOG, IDG and IOG. These specific wheels can benefit organisations working in extreme temperatures due to their heat resistant material.

If you think these may be a helpful solution for you and your industry please stop by our stand for more information. Get on a path to ‘Better Mobility. Better Life’ with TENTE Castors.