bed with castors

How to Attach Castors to Your Bed

09 Nov 2020

Castors make the world of difference to the mobility of a product and castors on your new, comfortable divan bed are no different. Many bed manufacturers use a standard 50mm twin castor on their bed bases so that you can transport and rearrange your bed with ease. Read on to better understand how to get your new bed up and running by attaching the castors.

Things to consider when fitting castors to your new bed

Before you begin fitting your castors to your bed base, it is important to consider the following points to avoid a bump in the night. No one wants to snuggle down in bed and be faced with one corner crashing down because the castors failed to do their job!

Think about the following:

– Weight on the bed
– Wheel size
– Fixing method – a single stem or plate attached to the base

Attaching castors to your bed

Your newly purchased divan bed has just arrived, and you’ve unwrapped it from its packaging to find that you need to attach the castors yourself.

Follow these steps to understand how to attach your bed castors and enjoy a good night’s sleep:


Ensure that you have plenty of clear space to move around the bed as you’ll need access to all corners of the bed. It’s often easier if you are able to lift the bed onto its end so that the underside of the bed is facing you and you have easy access to where you’ll be fitting the castors. Don’t forget to ask a trusted friend for help lifting the bed base to avoid an injury.

Your castor will be in a plastic bag either attached to the underside of the bed or in the draws themselves.


Once you have found your castors, they can be installed quite quickly in most cases. Most beds have slots in the corners where you simply attach the castors. Take one castor at a time and push the stem into the grove until you hear a click. If you are struggling to get the castors in place, gently tap the castor with a rubber mallet until you hear the click. Do not use a metal hammer or similar object as this may cause damage to either the castor or bed base.

In rare cases, you will have to make pilot holes in the corner yourself and screw the castors into them. Begin by marking your intended hole with a pencil so you can clearly see where you need to drill. Once you have determined the appropriate size for your drill bit, you can begin drilling your hole. Ideally, your pilot hole should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your screw. Simply screw in the castor to the hole you’ve just drilled.

Once you have attached all of your castors, position your bed in its final resting place and click the brake (if they have one) into the locked position. You can finally look forward to a comfortable night’s sleep!